Andrew Lang, World Bioenergy Association

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Andrew Lang is a farmer and farm forester in the Western District of Victoria, Australia, managing about 130 hectares of multipurpose farm sawlog woodlots.

From 1996-2003 Andrew worked as a farm forestry project officer for the Department of Primary Industries (Vic) and also ran a contract planting team and operated a portable sawmill. Andrew was Chair of SMARTimbers Cooperative, which, since formation in 2002, marketed about $1 million worth of value-added milled sugar gum building product. He is also secretary of Farm Forest Growers Victoria, which in 2013 is guiding the implementation of the Victorian Farm Forestry Industry Action Plan.

Andrew is a Churchill and Gottstein Fellow and has studied energy efficiency programs and renewable energy implementation and technologies in the Nordic countries, North America, China, India and Central Europe. He has represented the Australasia-Oceania region on the board of the World Bioenergy Association since 2008, regularly presenting at overseas conferences on bioenergy development in Australia and its potential.

Andrew Lang visits Scandinavia frequently, studying forestry management and bioenergy. He is interested in architecture and design, education, water, energy policy and social issues.

Andrew’s contributions to The Buzz include:


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