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A mining company with an approved licence to explore for coal seam gas (CSG) in Baw Baw Shire in Victoria has made moves to secure a test-drilling site in the township of Yarragon, according to a community group active in opposing fracking in the area. Rumours of the test drilling began to circulate when the company approached local residents to seek their approval for what is believed to be an exploratory operation.

“It’s unclear exactly what Greenpower are attempting to do in Yarragon. What is clear is that there is nothing ‘green’ about this company. They’re exploring for coal seam gas and dirty brown coal, and it looks like they’re planning to do it right within the bounds of the Yarragon township under an exploration license which they have purchased from our State Government,” said Ursula Alquier, Lock the Gate Alliance Victoria co-coordinator.

The land which is reportedly due to be drilled is a vacant industrial block, close to the bustling hub of the Yarragon town. Ms Alquier said residents in Yarragon South and Allambee had already begun work to declare their region ‘Gasfield Free’ and that it was likely that the majority of residents in the area would oppose any exploration for coal or gas.

“If these reports are true it shows the lengths to which these companies are willing to go to mine their gas. Yarragon is a growing town for young families and retirees in our region and it should definitely be off-limits to experimental mining.”

For more information on this release contact Ursula Alquier at csgfreepoowong@hotmail.com

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Information supplied by Lock the Gate Alliance Victoria.