Michaela C & Five Frogs on a Blog

My mate Michaela C is a hoot. We barely spoke to each other at school but now we find it hard to stop.

Thankfully we have access to a whole lot of conversational gadgetry. And we share a healthy disrespect for the number of hours in a day, the correct number of drinks and the absurd notion of filtering our thoughts.

Michaela C attempts to make coffee spurt out your nose over at Five Frogs on a Blog and is deeply disturbed. She’s also worried about the Australian political landscape. You can follow her on Twitter and on Facebook. Or read a conversation between Michaela and her brain on The Buzz.

PicMonkey Collage


1 thought on “Michaela C & Five Frogs on a Blog”

  1. fivefrogsblog said:

    Well bless your tie-dyed cotton socks young lady, thank you this was a lubberly surprise! Right back at ya xxxx


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